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Salem manufacturers stairs and railing systems that are distributed through out the Pennsylvania as well as many other states. Our stairs are used in over a thousand different municipalities, some of which have adopted the International Building Code while others are still using variations of the BOCA Code. There are also many local jurisdictions that are not et enforcing a building code, while others have inspectors who have their own interpretation of a variety of building codes. This being stated, Salem Millwork and Truss, Inc. will not be responsible for knowing which codes are enforced by which municipalities or that the stairs that a customer has ordered will satisfy a particular building inspector. As it clearly states in both the International and BOCA codes it is the responsibility of the Owner, Builder, or is Agent (the person applying and receiving a building permit) to ensure that the structure is built to code. In many cases specific instructions as to the maximum rise and run of a set of stairs are provided with the construction documents that accompany the building permit. It is also the responsibility of the Owner, Builder or his Agent to make sure this information is given to the stair manufacturer to ensure that the stairs and rail systems are built to the proper specifications.

For Our Customers Protection

Salem Millwork will alert our customer if a set of stairs they have ordered does not meet the criteria of the International Residential Building Code. We will proceed to manufacture the stairs to the customers specifications after they have signed our Code Alert Form confirming that they still want to continue to have them built non-compliant.

Salem Supports the Movement Toward a Universally Excepted Building Code

The International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings is a stand-alone code which establishes minimum regulations for one and two family dwellings and multi-single family dwellings (Townhouses) not more than three stories high when completed. It was designed to be compatible with the BOCA national codes.

For more information on stairs that meet the International Residential Code, please contact Salem Millwork and Truss, Inc. at 1-800-763-7462 or ask your Salem Representative.